Retail business in the age of E-Commerce in India

Amit Tripathi

In the age of every day evolving science and technology convenience is the major deciding factor whether the technology will work or not. E-Commerce platforms are registering their huge success on the same ground. Today when everybody is running short of time, they do not want to go for shopping from one retail shop to another. In addition to that the number of smart phone is also increasing day by day. Youths are finding it convenient to shop through E-commerce websites and apps. It is not just because they can order specific item of their demand with comfort but also because lots of options are available on the tip of their hands and review of all those customers are also available who have already bought those products (either satisfied or unsatisfied). But India is a market largely work on credit. Many times people take products from retailers and pay later. Even during demonetisation, the country was saved from chaos just because of this credit system. But its not just the convenience or support or the review of E-commerce that are killing the retail market business. It is also the number of available products and services on the E-Commerce websites. To save the cost of transportation, promotion and maintaining the stores, companies are launching their new, best and cheap products only online. It is happening largely in the smartphone sector. Smartphone companies are launching their new smartphones exclusively through E-Commerce websites. Availability of new smartphones on those websites, at cheap cost and with better specifications are attracting the youth. But in a country with such a huge population like in India the government should not let the retailer business die. The government should come up with some mechanism to ensure that the Exclusive products are also available at the retailer shops. Because these retailer shops are not just available for each and every section of the society but are also providing job opportunities to large number of youths.

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